The meats for your grilling: the producers of bbuono

How do we choose the meats offered on the e-commerce platform? For your summer barbecues, play it safe with the quality and taste of the meat of the Brescia valleys.

Our breeders and producers

bbuono distributes on its e-commerce platform only the excellence food and wine local and selects only the best manufacturers and suppliers. bbuono knows every single producer personally and recommends only genuine traditional products .
You can create the bbox barbecue edition for your mid-August grills with pork sausages and luganega and Florentine beef. Knowing the breeders and the spaces in which their animals live means choosing quality and reliability, in addition to taste. In our blog article dedicated to the mid-August barbecue you will find the products included in the bbox barbecue edition !

Carni per grigliate BBuono

Vassalini farm: cattle and pig breeding for more than 40 years

From March to October the cattle graze in the meadows of the Vassalini estate in Valle Sabbia, on the hills between Preseglie and Barghe, on 80 hectares used for pasture and cultivation of cereals and forage . Free-range breeding in pastures that offer optimal nutritional and climatic characteristics for livestock.

Why does bbuono choose the Florentine of the Vassalini farm?

Passion for tradition, quality and enhancement of the surrounding environment translate into excellent meat. Vassalini shortcrust the meat for 2 weeks in a cold room to guarantee all the taste and safety of its fabulous Florentine limousines .

Farm Le Due Casine di Capovalle

After over twenty years dedicated to the family butchery, Luisa and Davide decide to process the meat directly, choosing pigs to grow them away from intensive farming and feed them and raise them on mountain pastures.

Why did bbuono choose Le Due Casine salamelle and luganega?

A small reality surrounded by woods and pristine mountain meadows at 1,000 meters above sea level. Salamelle and luganega of pure pork, cured meats, sausages and loin : all the taste of tradition among the mountain pastures.

Suini Nera di Parma dell'azienda agricola Le Due Casine
Azienda agricola Le Due Casine di Capovalle, Brescia
Azienda agricola Le Due Casine di Capovalle, Brescia

The taste and quality of meat come from the soil and air of the area that hosts the pastures of our breeders . Pure air, fertile soils and green pastures: the first ingredients for excellent quality meats proposed on the portal

Discover the stories of our producers on our blog and choose the best meats and cured meats from the Brescia area of Valle Sabbia. We look forward to seeing you on our shop!

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