Vallesabbia salami 0.8 kg

Typical Brescian salami produced with selected meats from pigs reared and slaughtered in Valle Sabbia


Local salami typical of Vallesabbia, with a semi-compact consistency with a strong aroma and taste.

100% pure pork from Brescia with a minimum aging of 30 days.

Brescian pork enriched with very few spices.
Hand-tied and stuffed into natural casing.
Traditionally produced with cuts of the noble parts of the pig.

Weight about 750/850 grams

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Produttore: Carni e Salumi az. agricola Vassalini
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Pure pork salami with a strong and typically Valsabbino flavor.

The valsabbino salami has a typical cylindrical shape, elongated and irregular due to the craftsmanship of the product itself, it has a semi-compact consistency. The aroma and taste are decisive on the palate, with a ruby ​​red color, interspersed only with the white of the ground fat.
The main ingredient is pure pork, the pork cuts from Brescia are carefully selected, enriched with very few spices so as not to cover the flavor.

With its strong taste, it is excellent for preparing appetizing appetizers.

The seasoning is for a minimum of 25 days up to a maximum of a few months, the quantities produced by our butcher are limited, as we are honored that he has agreed to supply us too.
To enhance its taste it must be cut into oval slices, about 1 cm and a half thick. To keep the slice intact and tasty, an oblique cut must be made.
It is recommended to make the cut by hand, on a wooden cutting board, with a sharp, long and thin knife, not serrated.

A whole salami weighs approximately 750/850 grams

Nutritional values artisanal salami from Valle Sabbia

Valori mediper 100 grammi
Energia1777 Kj
425 Kcal
Grassi37 gr
Acidi grassi saturi13,1 gr
Carboidrati1,2 gr
Zuccheri0 gr
Proteine21,7 gr
Sale1,8 gr
Fibre0 gr

Additional information

Weight0.750 kg

Antioxidant E300, Italian pork, Preservative E252, Salt, Spices



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