Opening of the Le Due Casine store in Capovalle (BS)

On Saturday 23 June in Capovalle , in the mountains of the upper Valle Sabbia (Province of Brescia), the inauguration of the point of sale of handicrafts of the “Le Due Casine” farm.
How could we not be present and miss the celebrations of this new beginning for Davide and Luisa? In fact, greedy for their creations we were there, on the front line!

Davide proprietario dell'azienda agricola Le Due Casine
Salami in asciugatura in cantina

Many people attended the event, on the border with Val Vestino and Lake Idro . Friends, curious, passing tourists, all eager to taste the many delicacies present. Salami, loin, coppa, pancetta, lard, sausages capable of distinguishing themselves, then moving on to the fresh and aged cheeses of its goats that transmit the culture of good local food, from authentic flavors of natural and artisanal products from the high mountains.

Apertura punto vendita Le Due Casine a Capovalle (BS)
In the photo from the left Davide with his daughter, Mattia (founder of and Luisa.

Davide and Luisa, the two owners, have undertaken this initiative to give the possibility of tasting and buying their products on site. In this space, overlooking the Garda-Adamello horse trail, you can find those products that the owners obtain from their animals, resulting from the combination of a natural and balanced diet , made with GMO-free cereals and living in a natural habitat.

With their spontaneous and natural sympathy Davide and Luisa sliced cold cuts, cut cheeses, and explained in great detail how they transformed their products, the cuts used in the meats, the difference in flavors between various maturations of their goats.

Apertura punto vendita Le Due Casine a Capovalle (BS)
Apertura punto vendita Le Due Casine a Capovalle (BS)
Interno negozio nuovo di Davide e Luisa
Insaccati azienda agricola Le Due Casine
Berkel macchina per affettare salumi

With great privilege we also visited the new cellar of the company, accompanied by Davide as he explained to us that clean air and temperature range from day to night makes the ideal seasoning for his creations (among them a raw pork from Nera di Parma with incomparable goodness).

We left the owner couple to their commitments, as usual they exuded love and passion for those products, the result of their work, their dream, which came true in a location surrounded by woods and meadows at 1000 meters above sea level.

vista capovalle

The bbuono team is happy to continue the collaboration and to have the company "Le Due Casine" among its suppliers, but above all to meet exceptional people who with their ideas and inventiveness play a leading role in the taste of many people.

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