Conclusion of the 2018 gastronomic workshop of the Resilient Valleys

With the show cooking on April 16 at the Istituto Alberghiero in Idro (BS), the journey to discover the typical flavors of Valle Sabbia and Valle Trompia at zero kilometer ended.
This event was part of the Valli Resilienti project which is entrusted to the direction of the two mountain communities and includes a series of intersectoral activities that are traced back to four main axes: Valli Smart, Valli Solidali, Valli Collaborative and Valli Viventi.

Conclusione laboratorio gastronomico 2018 delle Valli Resilienti
Download the complete brochure with the Attivaree ValliResilienti program

Valli Resilienti, is part of AttivAree, the Cariplo Foundation's cross-sectoral program which aims to reactivate marginal areas and increase the attractiveness towards residents and potential investors.

Bbuono, on-line platform of typical food products of these Valleys, participates in the project and during the show cooking was in charge of supplying typical products To be delivered to chef Roberto Abbadati.

A sinistra lo chef Roberto Abbadati, in centro il fondatore di Bbuono Mattia Apostoli, a destra il fondatore di slow food e presidente di cucina bresciana Marino Marini

Buono followed with interest the performance of the chef who was assisted in the kitchen by a class attending the hotel institute. A sight to see Roberto at work, he has a peculiar personality, his own kitchen with an elegant and disengaged style. He shows a strong dynamism, a contemporary chef who uses local products well, enhancing their qualities and presenting excellent dishes.

Conclusione laboratorio gastronomico 2018 delle Valli Resilienti
Conclusione laboratorio gastronomico 2018 delle Valli Resilienti
Conclusione laboratorio gastronomico 2018 delle Valli Resilienti
Conclusione laboratorio gastronomico 2018 delle Valli Resilienti
Chef Roberto Abbadati con alunni Perlasca Idro

The local producers and restaurateurs who participated in this event were able to be enchanted during the meeting, which took place in the kitchen, with the Chef who explained the use of the products and the techniques to enhance the flavors of the proposed menu. Bbuono was able to follow all the phases, from the delivery of the products, to their preparation, to the explanations that the Chef gave, with particular elegance and authority, to the students of the 'Institute that, like us, at times were "thrilled" by the astonishment of Roberto's technical and manual skills .

The menu he proposed (served with excellent scrupulousness by the guys from the Idro Hotel Institute (BS) directed by Prof. Baruzzi) was the following:
Tartare of brown trout and rainbow salmon (Azienda Acqua Bianca di Pertica Bassa) garnished with currant jam (Azienda Agricola Biodase) , salted butter (Caseificio Valsabbino) , black truffle from Valle Sabbia and toasted brioche bread (Pastry of Maestro Beniamino Bazzoli).

Tartare di trota fario e iridea troticoltura Aqua Bianca Valle Sabbia Forno d'Ono

Fillet of beef fillet (Vassalini di Preseglie company) with bitter mayonnaise from extra virgin olive oil (Azienda Leali di Monte Acuto di Puegnago) , artichoke salad (Organic Garden of Domenico Osio di Gavardo), hazelnuts and orange.

Filetto di mucca limousine e carciofi biologici di Domenico Osio a Gavardo

Carnaroli risotto with pumpkin and creamed leeks (Orto Biologico di Domenico Osio) at the Bagòss cheese, with a surprise of cow-robiola (Azienda Agricola Ruche)  breaded with almonds and thyme.

Risotto alla zucca con robiola di mucca fresca Azienda Agriocola Ruche di Casto

Artisan roasted Colomba (Pastry by Maestro Beniamino Bazzoli) accompanied by aged goat cheese (Azienda Agricola Ruche )  with mountain honey with lemon and orange peel.

Colomba artigianale di pasticceria tostata e ricoperta di cannella

While Abbadati worked in the kitchen on the upper floor of the Marino Marini Institute, he told the boys of the 5th hotel what it means to promote typical products and how to make the most of them.

Mattia Apostoli e Marino Marini

Marino Marini is a cook, journalist, librarian at ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine (PR), an authoritative training center for Italian cuisine at an international level of Gualtiero Marchesi, leading expert on local products from province of Brescia, creator of the Osterie d'Italia guides for Slow Food.

Bbuono thanks Marino who shared with us some of his knowledge and his desire to safeguard traditional recipes. We would spend hours in his company listening to him, but we want to thank him in particular for the gift he gave us. His "Notebook of Brescia products".
This "historical document of traditional products" shows a list of the excellence of local Brescian products, from meat to dairy products, wild herbs, cold cuts of various types of animals, vegetables ect. with historical explanations on the origin and 24 recipes of dishes of the strong Brescian tradition.

We will soon publish this document online which we believe is of great importance and will be shared with everyone so that knowledge of the area and its products is not lost but continuously handed down for  safeguard the territory, its products, its companies and… why not… prepare these ancient, traditional recipes and full of history at home.

Last supper in ValleSabbia gastronomic laboratory km 0

On Tuesday 17 April, bbuono participated in the last stage of the gastronomic workshop with AttivAree ValliResilienti in Valle Sabbia, which ended with a full house at the Hotel Ristorante Milano in Idro.

Partecipazione a laboratorio gastronomico Hotel Milano Idro

The president of the Montana community of Valle Sabbia Flocchini GiovanMaria and Virgilio Vezzola of the Bresciani Roè Volciano truffle hunters association intervened in the presentation of the evening, presenting the black truffle and the various types present in the valley.

Virgilio Vezzola: spiegazione tartufi in ValleSabbia e Valletrompia

An exceptional valley, which produces various valuable qualities of great value on the market with prices ranging from from 150 to 2,000 euros per kg. Vezzola explained the importance of safeguarding these truffle fields which if well exploited, they can activate an economy not yet adequately exploited.

The menu for this evening, also served on this occasion by the exemplary performance of the students of the Hotel Institute of Idro (BS) led by prof. Baruzzi proposed:

Appetizer: crispy bread cannoli with arctic char (Azienda Acqua Bianca di Pertica Bassa) in “Garda DOP” cooking oil.

Cannolo di pane con salmerino della Vallesabbia di Troticoltura Acqua Bianca Forno d'Ono

First: ravioli with Bagòss cheese with borage soup.

Ravioli al formaggio Bagoss di Bagolino con tartufo di Virgilio Vezzola Vallesabbia

Second: tagliata di Limousine (Vassalini di Preseglie company) with Vallesabbia truffle.

Tagliata di carne Limousine di Stefano Vassalini

Dessert: strawberry mousse and stracchino with hazelnut crumble.

Mouse di fragole biologiche di Domenico Osio Orto Bio a Gavardo

We meet next year to delight ourselves with the zero kilometer delicacies of our Brescia valleys.

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