bbuono at BRESCIAconDITA 2018

Thursday 28 June 2018 the bbuono team went to Mo.Ca di Brescia in via Moretto 87 where the fifth edition of the BRESCIAconDITA event was held, a traveling culinary festival in which restaurateurs, pastry chefs, barmen, winemakers, chefs, master brewers gather in a location of historical prestige / artistic for a dinner where the enhancement of the Brescia area, art and music come together with good local food for charity.

Bbuono a Brescia ConDITA 2018
Cercamica Ugo Romano Brescia ConDITA 2018
Bbuono a Brescia ConDITA 2018
Bbuono a Brescia ConDITA 2018

The proceeds were donated to the Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation which manages CasaRonaldBrescia, the mission is: “To create, find and support programs that improve the health and well-being of children and their families. We aim to build, purchase or manage Ronald Houses located in the vicinity of hospital facilities and Family Rooms, located directly within the pediatric wards, to offer hospitality and assistance to sick children and their families during the period of hospital treatment or therapy " .

Among the magical ceramics of the sculptor artist Ugo Romano and the musical background of the duo Acoustic Soul Black, the greedy lovers of good food and the bbuono team were able to appreciate the various food and wine proposals in a traveling tour of high quality local products , included in special menus of savory and sweet dishes, from welcome cocktails to desserts passing from first to second courses washed down with excellent wine.

Present were our friends / suppliers of Qbio that with their focaccia (we accompanied them with an excellent KMzero beer of Curtense craft brewery) thrilled us.

Qbio a Brescia Condita 2018
Qbio a Brescia Condita 2018

Let's open a little parenthesis on this craft brewery of Franciacorta. Intrigued by the high quality of the beer that we were able to appreciate at this event, the next day we went to visit Matteo, one of the three owners of this company to understand their modus operandi. We were struck by their beers, the high quality, the passion in their work, all natural products... thus anticipating that there will be news on our e-commerce ☺

Birrificio Curtense a Brescia Condita 2018

For the bbuono team it was a beautiful evening, the companies present produced an exceptional quality, but above all they wanted to create something genuine , not only from the food and wine point of view but solidarity. We want to mention these companies that have worked in favor of Casa Ronald Brescia managing to set up a successful evening in which a dinner with friends turns into a charity occasion; Finil del Pret, Qbio, Floriam, Restaurantcaffè, Riserva del Grande, Pastry Bosco Corsica, Pastry Bossoni Francesco, Tenuta la Vigna, Castello Bonomi Tenute in Franciacorta.

We leave Mo.Ca thanking the organizers, the local companies present and the staff of BRESCIAconDITA and say goodbye to the sixth edition of 2019.

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